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Aaron Tate


After an epiphany in the Sonoran Desert, Aaron Thane Tate eschewed formal glassmaking training and rapidly displayed an unusual facility with techniques and with his personal compositions. However, his lack of an established teacher did not cause him to ignore the influences of prominent American glassblowers, but rather welcome them to critique his work. Tate produced volumes of fashionable decorative art pieces, interior design fixtures, and functional ware with a notable versatility that transcends any specific decorating style, and would contribute to his success as an artist.



Aaron is a sculptor in solid worked, blown, and cast glass. His works includedecorative and fine art; vessels, sculpture, architectural glass and special orders.



Aaron said in part, "Some of my pieces are happy and uplifting and others make one pensive and thoughtful. That is what the artist strives for, a personal response to a sculpture, an object, that evokes something from one's personal experiences in this space-time. It's so...personal - the viewing."



Aaron Tate has worked as an instructor of goblet making, Venetian techniques, and sculpture; and teacher's assistant for glass casting, glass blowing, and glass history classes. Aaron worked with Seattle Glassblowing Studio, Martin Blank Studio, Hot Shop Amphitheater, Museum of Glass, Mongrain Glass Studio, Ego Glass Studio, and University of Washington Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. He has also worked as designer, gaffer, and demonstrator for artists and designers like Bertiel, Frantisek Janak, Dante Marioni, Dale Chihuly, Ann Gardner, Debborah Orrapallo, Robbie Miller with Brian Pike, and Pike Powers. Under Chihuly, he worked on Chihuly Persians and Sea forms, large Venetians for the Tacoma Bridge of glass, the Chihuly Ikebana series, various limited edition sets, flowers, leaves, and chandeliers; and assisted with Chihuly projects at the Boathouse and Mongrain's, Crystal Gate, Seattle Symphony chandelier, Bellagio ceiling, and Atlantis' Temple of the Sun and Moon.