Stacey Watkins Works

Stacey Watkins has not only found her passion but also her voice through her art.  Her artwork is created through deep self-exploration and her own spiritual journey.  Her art, like life, is full of a variety, color, and science.

Stacey began experimenting with new ways to create her own type of art.  Although she is not formally educated in art she has had the opportunity to be mentored by several great artists, such as Aaron Tate, Brad Abrams, Polly Gessell, Soon Y Warren, and many others. She currently is a student of the famous glass artist Aaron Tate.  These artists have influenced her enthusiasm to experiment.  “I truly love learning and experimenting with new ways to create my next piece of art.”  She set no boundaries when it comes to the use of mediums ranging from blowing and hot sculpting glass, metal, paint, and resin.   Most often she combines these mediums with resin impregnated with blends of phosphorescent pigment.  This medium is unique as it absorbs UV light to glow in the dark with bright contrasting vibrant colors.  This technique creates a dynamic work of art that visually evolves and is re-born with each new day.  Stacey’s artwork is true expression of continuing life in its ability to change visually and create dialogue with the viewer.  “I like for people to be able to look at my art and see something that may strike a spark in their imagination and give them a feeling of the Lord’s presents.  I want them to start to create their own stories more personal to themselves with my artwork, by doing this my audience can open doors into their imaginations and let their own creativity take them on endless journeys.”  “My goal is for my art to not only lead my viewers on a creative and spirit filled journey, but to also to lead myself too.   Each piece of art the Lord allows me to create I learn something new from his glory.  I am always amazed!  I want to share my amazement I feel with anyone who views my art.” 
Since a child Stacey always had a true love of art. Stacey studied biology at North Texas University and pursued a career in dentistry.  In both of the situations she found her favorite place to be was in the lab making things and continuously creating art. Intrigued by both, the only thing to do was to experiment and use the two together. Leaving dentistry behind, she began creating art fulltime and started a decorative painting business painting the interiors of people’s homes.  Stacey dreams of art kept growing until she finally decided to open an art gallery, Your Private Collection Art Gallery, where she now sells her own art along with many other of the top artist in the US.  
Stacey’s artwork is gaining attention in national and international juried art shows as well the media. Two of her artworks Sealed by Faith and Warrior from Above, were selected by Art Scene Today magazine in its recent international juried competition Its a Color Thing, an exploration of the use of color in art.  Southern Living Magazine stated her art as “a must see” and Texas Country Reporter aired a segment they filmed in her studio and gallery, Your Private Collection. You can see her artwork demonstrated at the gallery, in her published book on her art, Sent From Above, and Cowboys and Indian Magazine anniversary addition July 2018.

Stacey’s work can be seen in her gallery she founded, Your Private Collection Art Gallery ~ 106 N. Houston, Granbury

National and International Juried Art Contest Include:

2008   International Society of Experimental Artist Juried Art Contest
2008   Rio Brazos Juried Art Contest
2009   Rio Brazos Juried Art Contest
2009   LGAA juried Art Show – Award of Excellence 

2010     IOA Oklahoma Friendly Juried Art Contest
2010     Trinity Juried Art Contest – 1st Place for mixed media 
2010     The American Juried Art Salon
2010     International Society of Experimental Artist Juried Art Contest
2010     LGAA Fall Fest Juried Art Show – Award of Excellence
2011      International Society of