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Jack Wolfsen



Jack Wolfsen was born in Sutter Creek, California. Born an artist at heart, he created his first piece of metal artwork in 1968. He was deployed in Vietnam from 1970 to 1971. While serving our country, he found time for creativity and expression through art and doodles. Jack spent many years creating forms for major architectural caststone and metal companies. His work can be seen on buildings all over the nation. Jack now lives in Weatherford, TX, where he creates his award-winning metal art. 



Jack Wolfsen works in cement, wood, bronze, and steel, but he is well awarded and known for his works made from barbed wire. He uses mostly the old discarded fencing material scavenged from Texas ranches. His trees begin with barbed wire but are reborn in an art of nature.



Jack says, “I never get tired of the look on people’s faces when they are in awe and discover that the sculpture is made of recycled barbed wire.”  To Jack, rusty barbed wire is hard to work with, just like us; but like his art, the Lord can create something beautiful from us. 



One of his sculptures took first place at the Texas State Fair and contained over 3,300 welds. Other art shows include Rio Brazos, Stars Over Texas, and "Best of Show" at Breckenridge. His pieced have been displayed in shows from Carson City, NV to Palm Beach, FL.